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1) Princeton Township Democratic Politics

2) My work at Telequest, Inc - film, video, and multimedia production

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--------- MINIMUM WAGE (October 2013) ----------------------------------------------------------------

A pro-bono ad produced by Telequest for NJ Main Street Alliance in support of the NJ ballot issue to raise the minimum wage on November 5, 2013.

--------- MOUNTAIN BIKING (May 2009) ----------------------------------------------------------------

In beautiful Mercer County Park, NJ. Nothing extreme (sorry big air fans), just great trails, logs and woods.

--------- RIDING SHOTGUN (October 2008) -----------------------------------------------------------

It seems that the "driving off a cliff" metaphor is getting some legs, in recent Obama speeches as well as an ad.

Here's my updated take:


--------- TRUCKERS FOR OBAMA: THE ROAD TO CHANGE --------------

My latest effort, with a road metaphor about the need to change direction ... ending with a call to action: grab the wheel and VOTE on November 4!


--------- MY AD FOR OBAMA (entered in the Obama in 30 Seconds contest sponsored by MoveOn.org --------------

Voting in the contest takes place from April 21 through April 27, 2008. Ads will be presented to viewers randomly, so you may or may not come across this one. But if you see it (and like it!), your favorable ratings will be much appreciated!